6 Ways a Virtual CFO Can Save Your Business Money

6 Ways a Virtual CFO Can Save Your Business Money

It can be a challenge for small businesses to decide how to manage their financial needs. Many companies can’t afford to hire a full-time employee to oversee this aspect of their business, or simply do not need a dedicated employee to begin with. 

This is where a virtual CFO service provider can come in. 

A virtual chief financial officer (or vCFO) can boost profitability and help you save money in the long run. You also don’t need to worry about hiring another full-time employee so you save without having to dole out an additional salary. 

Here are some ways a McAllen vCFO can help you achieve business success. 

How a vCFO Can Save Your Company Money

1. Stay On Top of Taxes

Running afoul of the IRS can hamper your business and cost you plenty of time, fees, and stress. A vCFO can ensure that your taxes are in order well before the deadline. You will also know exactly how much you will be paying in a given year, which can help protect you from an unexpected costs.

2. Get an Accurate View of Your Company’s Finances

A vCFO is able to do much more than basic bookkeeping and tax preparation. A McAllen vCFO can take all of the data from bookkeeping and accounting and create a forecast of your financial future. They can also help make sure you’re prepared in case of a catastrophe.

3. Keep Your Business Growing

If you’re still in the growth phase of your business, you may only focus on revenue. A vCFO can make sure you keep long-term growth in mind, which helps set you up for success in the months and years to come. 

4. See Where You Can Cut Expenses

It can be hard to know where you can save money without damaging your business. A vCFO can find areas where you can cut back on expenses and save your company some money. 

Your vCFO may also know of technologies that fit your needs, and these are often more cost-effective than recruiting another employee or taking on the work yourself.

5. Create Accurate Forecasts for Cash Flow and Sales

Having an idea of cash flow and sales in the months to come can help you plan. For instance, you can change how you buy inventory with an accurate sales forecast. This can ensure you aren’t wasting money on too much inventory. 

You can also discover whether you need to change how you run your business. Cash flow forecasts will let you know if you’ll have the money for expenses and, if not, you can find ways to raise the capital you need or put off an expense.

6. An Outside Perspective

Having an outsider’s perspective can offer your business a better direction. A vCFO knows about the trends in the industry or how to raise capital in the current market. You can also ask for advice on how to stay ahead of competitors or make your own business stand out with unique offers or sales.

Abigail Y. Murray CPA LLC Is Your McAllen Virtual CFO

A vCFO can help your business grow and save you money with a flat rate. Abigail Y. Murray, CPA, LLC, knows the business trends to help your McAllen business grow and stay strong. 

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