Abigail Y. Murray CPA: Your McAllen Virtual Chief Financial Officer and Personal Tax Expert

Abigail Y. Murray CPA: Your McAllen Virtual Chief Financial Officer and Personal Tax Expert

Abigail Y. Murray is here to provide local businesses and individuals the superb attention to tax preparation, financial reporting, and payroll management they deserve. 

At Abigail Y. Murray CPA, LLC, we aim to streamline the way you conduct business by placing your financial planning and trust into our very capable hands.

How Is Abby Different From Other CPAs and Virtual CFOs in McAllen?

Abby has extensive experience in international accounting and is an unstoppable force when it comes to helping businesses plan for growth/expansion. Her talents place clients in a position to not only minimize tax liability but optimize their asset portfolio for financial stability, taking advantage of financial opportunities as they arise.

Abby prides herself on treating each client as a unique individual or business. Unlike more impersonal firms, Abby knows who her clients are as people rather than nameless, faceless numbers. She has the know-how to assist any client, whether they’re an individual who needs help with their taxes, a brand new startup or business looking to organize a bookkeeping process, or a long-established business looking to grow capital. 

Abigail Y. Murray CPA, LLC, would be proud to become your strategic financial and business planning partner, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Meet Abigail Murray

Abigail Murray was born in Southern California, but she had the opportunity to travel the world with her military parents when she was growing up. And yet, from all of the places she has lived in, she has never found a place quite so welcoming as the Rio Grande Valley. Abby eventually planted her roots there with her husband in 2006, and to this day, she still can’t get enough of the rolling landscapes and the warm sands of South Padre Island.

In time, Abby opened up her own CPA firm in McAllen. During her time getting hands-on experience in accounting, Abby discovered that her true love lies in helping people. As someone who considers helping others her passion, finding a community as welcoming as that in the Rio Grande Valley was a dream come true. 

With decades’ worth of experience in individual and business accounting, Abby has expertise in excess, but her true strength lies in treating each client as an individual and approaching them with openness, positivity, and vision.

Our Areas of Expertise

Now that you have a sense of who Abby is, you can learn more about the services she provides as a virtual chief financial officer. A VCFO is an individual that wears many hats. They are accountants, tax partners, and certified public accountants (CPAs) who works closely with small businesses and individuals to manage not only all of their accounting needs but financial management and planning as well. It’s the job of a VCFO to learn and satisfy those needs by meeting and working closely with their clients often.

The difference between an accountant and a VCFO, however, is similar to the difference between an architect and a contractor: an architect may design a building, but it will take a contractor to build it. VCFOs take on the responsibility of analyzing a business’ financial needs and planning opportunities while executing the work that needs to be done.

At Abigail Y. Murray CPA, LLC, you can expect our VCFO to:

  • Partner with clients on a monthly basis
  • Plan out effective financial processes for your business
  • Maintain and report financial activities
  • Handle payroll
  • Manage financial risks
  • Employ efficient bookkeeping skills
  • Organize business quick books
  • Interpret financial information
  • Execute and oversee the reporting process
  • Suggest ways to control expenditures
  • Suggest ways to acquire capital

Take the complication out of managing your business and hire an experienced VCFO in McAllen. Contact Abigail Y. Murray CPA, LLC, at (956) 800-5600 or fill out the form below today to get started!


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